Peachy Elegance Birthday Bash – White & Peach Theme Decor

Celebrate your special occasion in style with our Peachy Elegance Birthday Bash package, featuring a stunning white and peach theme that exudes elegance. Here’s what’s included:

Package Inclusions:

  • Beautiful Balloon Arch: Welcome your guests with a captivating arch made of 55 balloons, including 24 Peach Pastel, 24 White, 5 Golden Chrome, and 2 Confetti Balloons.
  • Bouquets of Balloons: Enhance your decor with 2 bunches of balloons tied with ribbons, adding a delightful touch to your celebration.
  • Champagne Bottle Foil Balloon: Raise a toast to the occasion with a 36-inch Champagne Bottle foil balloon, a sparkling addition to your decor.
  • Happy Birthday Foil Balloon: Set the mood for celebration with a vibrant Happy Birthday foil balloon.
  • Glass Foil Balloon: Add a touch of sophistication with a 36-inch Glass foil balloon, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your event.
  • Ceiling and Floor Balloons: Create an enchanting ambiance with 50 balloons adorning the ceiling and 50 balloons scattered on the floor.
  • Customer-Provided Stool or Ladder: Please ensure a stool or ladder is provided by the customer for installation purposes.

Need To Know:

  • Balloons Installed with Tape: Our professional decorators will securely install balloons using tape on the wall, ensuring a seamless and elegant display.

Elevate your celebration with the Peachy Elegance Birthday Bash package, combining the delicate hues of white and peach for a truly unforgettable event.

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