Royal Midnight Celebration – Black & Gold Birthday Decor Package

Elevate your birthday celebration to regal heights with our Royal Midnight Celebration package, featuring luxurious black and gold decorations that will dazzle your guests. Here’s what’s included:

  • Happy Birthday Letter Foil Balloons (Silver): Make a statement with shimmering silver foil balloons spelling out “Happy Birthday.”
  • 200 Golden, Silver & Black Balloons: Create a stunning atmosphere with a lavish array of balloons in elegant colors.
  • 1 Fairy Light & 4 Star Shape Foil Balloons: Add a touch of magic with twinkling fairy lights and star-shaped foil balloons.
  • 2 Golden Frills Curtains: Adorn your space with golden frills curtains for a touch of glamour.
  • Delivered to Your Home: Conveniently receive all decorations delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • All Safety Precautions Followed by Decorator: Our professional decorator ensures your safety with regular temperature checks, hand sanitization, and face mask adherence.
  • Customization Options: Enhance your decor with optional digit foil numbers, available through our customization section.
  • Stool or Ladder Provided by Customer: Please arrange a stool or ladder for our decorator to access the ceiling.
  • 12 Printed Photos Hanging from the Ceiling: Personalize your celebration with cherished memories displayed overhead.
  • Need to Know: A spectacular balloon arch with approximately 150 balloons will be created, while the remaining balloons will be arranged near the backdrop. Feel free to create bunches with them as desired.

Additional Details:

  • Same-day bookings may be subject to surge pricing.
  • Address details, balloon colors, and any personal preferences will be collected upon booking.
  • We use air balloons secured to the ceiling with removable tape, leaving no marks.

Make your birthday an affair to remember with our Royal Midnight Celebration package. Book now and let the festivities begin!

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